Entitlement to Script updates:

Currently ~30% of our content is FREE and there are plans on the table to increase this ratio substantially with lite versions. Therefore, dont hesitate to subscribe to our youtube channel, if you share the opinion that our content is great and should be more accessible for free.

Premium script automatically come with entitlement to updates for a period that lasts 8 weeks (2months).
Most scripts are viable far longer than this period of 8 weeks, with some scripts reaching almost half a year.
Rotational updates are mailed retroactively towards our customers who are within their entitlement period.
Check your paypal’s provided e-mail adress (inbox/junk/spam/non-priority folders).

At every specialization specific page there is a changelog section which provides detailed information of what was changed with every update.
We are always able to assist manually in case your e-mail got deleted or link has expired due to a new implemented update.
In case you run into questions, suggestions or problems, contact us at any time.