FREE Beast Mastery

FREE single target Beast Mastery Hunter has now been released. Let us know on facebook which specialisation you would like to partially become FREE next!

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FREE scripts

FREE scripts are being released, Arms warrior single target is free to acquire. Let us know on facebook which specialisation you would like to become FREE next!

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Class bundles released

Class bundles is what multiple participants in our community suggested, class bundles is what we release! Up next: Limited-talent-build FREE scripts. We will gradually release these scripts in the upcomming weeks. Perfect opportuniteit for people to try out new specialisations!

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WoW Doc systems updated.

We value your opinion. That’s why we changed our website and payments systems to provide better services to you.
Your scripts will now be deliverd to you in 3 different ways:
1) you will immediately be able to download it from the checkout-completion page.
2) you will immediately receive your scripts in your self chosen e-mail adress (check your spam/junk/unwanted folders).
3) your purchases will now be linked to your WoW Doc login (“MY WOW DOC”, see upper right of website), all updates will be visible and downloadable at your transaction history.

Did you acquire scripts before this update? No worries, you will still receive your updates via your paypal-registered e-mail adress as long as you are entitled to updates.

For questions regarding this update, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Cinematic: “Old Soldier”

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Battle for Azeroth v8.0

All scripts are updated for the use in 8.0 Battle for Azeroth!

We will gradually release limited-talent-build free scripts after the launch of BfA (August 14th)!

As always; For questions and suggestions contact us

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Welcome to WoW Doc Rotation Addons

For our 2 year anniversary our website interface has been renewed!

Here you will find the best dynamic rotation addon scripts to optimize your DPS and to enjoy your gaming experience.
Our scripts mimick human decision making; it takes all variables in consideration to determine your next ability.
(ability synergy, priority, pooling, delays, heavy microsecond calculations etc.)

Our community secures a friendly gaming enviroment where nobody will be left out and gaming together is our key objective.

Please send us all your positive and constructive-negative feedback that is what keeps us at maximum performance ♥

Happy Gaming, WoW Doc

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