Frost Death Knight

FROST DEATH KNIGHT Rotation Addon [Legion v7.3.2 updated 15 December 2017]

Frost Death Knight 7.3.2 Single target 17-12-2017: FREE click here

WoW Docs Frost Death Knight 7.3.2 Multi target
WoW Docs Frost Death Knight 7.3.2 Multi target
Maximize your DPS output with this user friendly and extreme high quality rotation addon script! Instant script(s) in your e-mail!

The multi target script also contains the BoS build to use withing your single target rotation; just briefly swap to multi target during BoS then swap back



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How do I get acces to the premium script(s) after a succesful PayPal transaction?

Talent compatibility of the script. Do i have the right talents?

Looking for other languages? Is this only for english players?

What macro should I use?

How has this script been crafted?

I have a question and cannot find the answer where can i contact you?



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