Major overhaul to marksmanship hunter scripts. 3 different build have been released:
a ‘normal’ single and multi build.
a build to adapt for the azerite traits 1x focused fire or 2x in the rythym.
a build for the machine gun hunter: with 2x steady aim trait.
load the correct build into your weakauras and the script will do all the rest. scripts come with single and multi target rotations, all talents are compatible and the script will automatically adjust to them.
tested, deemed updated and optimal 🙂
Arms warrior changes: Hotfixed executioners precision trait as it was malfunctioning in prioritizing during the execute rotation in showing mortal strike. Hotfixed slam during active sweeping strikes when fighting 2-3 targets, where it was showing whirlwind instead previously. hotfixed overpower during execute in the non test of might scripts to dynamically track rage resource to not overflow. deemed optimal and tested.