Did quite some rework on the scripts making it most optimal for current developments.
Made 2 different builds: a ‘Master of Shadows talent build’  and a ‘ Secret technique / Shuriken Tornado build’.
These 2 builds will automatically load and unload when you have the corresponding talent chosen. you can simply just import both at the same time 🙂
other changes within the scripts:
-tweaked the interactions of secret techniques with symbols of death and now also used this on single target as it should.
-2 shadow dances will be used in conjuction with symbols when talented enveloping shadows.
-the addon tracks how many enemies are within your melee range and corresponds to this with shuriken storm during shadow dance (3+) and as CP generator (2+)
and uses secret techniques on 2+ targets with just shadow dance as it will now not wait for symbols.
-removed 16 auras which werent useful for the function of the scripts (shadow dance conjuctions; shadowstrikes)
-added find weakness auras synergy with vanish
-changed the combo points counters to adapt automatically to deeper strategem (5+ finishers) or non-deeper strategem (4+ finishers)